Globe Low Velocity x Monster Children

We’re faced with a world in disarray. Control is being lost—or maybe it was never held. The destruction of the planet will continue long after we're gone, but we should try to stem that while we're here. Monster Children and Globe refuse to sit idle and go with the script. We 'Refuse to Comply'. This DIY, utilitarian-inspired collaboration range celebrates the basics and everyday staples we regularly wear and provides the means for everyone to make the pieces uniquely their own. 

The limited-edition collaboration features artwork from PC Worship's multidisciplinary frontman Justin Frye. Justin's DIY art style comes from years of cutting up magazines, flyers, album covers, rolls of film, and standing at a copy machine. His artistic approach is reflected in the range through custom patch kits available with the jacket and screen printed and scanned logos and artworks. 

The collection features T-Shirts, Beanie, Socks, Crew Neck Sweater, Hoodie, Military Pants, and a Jacket with a Custom DIY patch kit. A limited-edition Globe x MC loafer, with faux embossed Crocodile print, ties the collection together from head to toe.