Monster Children x Vans Custom Collection

For twenty years, we've been stringing together the worlds of surf, skate, music, and art.  We share the vision of other creative forward-thinkers who believe, above all, that fun is the most important thing in life. Our mates at Vans think that too, and so this collaboration was born. Combining Vans’ innovative skateboarding technology and classic silhouettes with Monster Children’s gritty textured aesthetics and design-first reputation, we present the Monster Children x Vans Custom Collection.

The collection features the brand new Skate Authentic Mid and Checkered Skate Slip-On. Both shoes are adorned with a custom Monster Children checkerboard print on the vamp and heel counter of the SKate Slip-On and peeking out the top of the Skate Authentic Mid. Plus a custom Evan Hecox’s handstyle Monster Children scribble. Each pair comes with a distressed vintage effect and one of a kind textures, synonymous to a well worn and therefore well loved shoe. 

From the moment you get them, the Vans x Monster Children Skate Authentic Mid and Checkered Skate Slip On are your shoes. These shoes have run from the police and bombed down hills. They’re your dancefloor killers, your beer spill catchers, and your creature comfort. They’re your go-to, your end all, your daily wear, your vessel. They’re your favourite pair of shoes - the ones you’ve slipped on and kicked off a thousand times - straight out of the box.