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Monster Children Book 50% OFF

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Purchase the MC book for 50% off the original price. The perfect gift for you or someone else. 

The MC book is a hardcover anthology of the best of our 40-odd issues, containing a curated collection of the best art, photography, interviews, features and design from the history of the past ten year of Monster Children, following it's credit card inception by founders Campbell Milligan and Chris Searl plus interviews with some of the most prominent past collaborators and subjects such as Evan Hecox, Ed Tempelton, Mark Gonzales, Ryan McGinley, Shawn Stussy, Dylan Rieder, Mike O'Meally and the Page 33 girls of course. 

The MC book features an embossed hard cover, bellyband, 3 paper stocks, metallic inks, sticker sheet and fold-down poster.