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Monster Children Book - With Free Tee

$59.00 USD

Ten Years of Monster Children Magazine is big, thick and heavy and it’s hardcover and amazing. In it you’ll find interviews with contributors like Mike O'Meally, Chris Nieratko and Andy Jenkins, and catch-up interviews with folks we’ve featured over the years: Steph Gilmore, Mark Gonzales, Natas Kaupas, Evan Hecox and a long-ass list of others. It also contains a selection of the best-of-the-best stories, interviews, photos and features; a history of the mag as told by the founders, Chris and Campbell; and it comes with a poster and stickers and it’s the best thing we ever did ever.


Buy this book and receive a free Andrei Molodkin Tee (pictured). Offer valid now till Aug 31.

Book ships within 3 days of purchase, tee ships Sept 1 when promotion ends.




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